Programming skill can be developed only by thinking and practicing. At the initial stage, students need to code large number of smaller programs preferably in C language without using IDEs in Linux platform. Advantage for students: i) students get familiar with linux platform, ii) proficiency in using keyboard and typing ii) no distraction and they focus only on their code

To enable students to code anytime and anywhere, a virtual Linux machine has been provided from BIT Cloud Resources. The details are IP Address: ssh port address: 3322 username: enrollment number for first year students eg. 2019UIT1065, staff id for staff members eg. IT1025. password: dob in the format dd-mm-yyyy. Login is available for all teaching, non teaching and first year students of IT,CSE,ISE,CT,CSBS departments. You may connect to the linux machine through chrome browser ssh addon or putty client (windows) or linux shell prompt or windows command prompt

problems for practicing

  1. Output "Hello BITSathy" text to console screen : Problem ID 8-Console Input and Output
  2. Accept "Hello BITSathy" text from keyboard, store the string in a variable and output to console (along with memory address of each character) : Problem ID 9-Console Input and Output
  3. read "Hello BITSathy" text from a file, store the string in a variable and output to console (with memory address of each character) : Problem ID 10-Console Input and Output
  4. Accept 10 numbers from keyboard, store them in integer array and output the content along with memory address : Problem ID 11-Console Input and Output
  5. Read 10 numbers from a text file, store them as integer in an integer array and output them to console screen along with memory address. : Problem ID 12-Console Input and Output
  6. Accept n numbers from keyboard, store them in an integer array and output the same at once. Additonal Requirement: Only n integer memory location is to be used i.e. if n=10, only 10 memory location is to be used. if n=60, only 60 memory location is to be used. : Problem ID 39-Console Input and Output
  7. Compute the distance to be travelled by a 40 meter train to completely pass through a bridge of length 80 meters. : Problem ID 1-Arithmetic Operations
  8. Compute the average speed of a person in kmph who travels the first 50 km at a speed of 40 kmph and the next 50 km at a speed of 60 kmph. : Problem ID 4-Arithmetic Operations
  9. Derive a formula and compute the number of seconds taken by two trains of length 200m each travelling at speeds 36kmph and 72kmph for crossing each other. : Problem ID 5-Arithmetic Operations
  10. Compute the sum of first n integer numbers : Problem ID 16-Arithmetic Operations
  11. For the given radius, compute the area and volume of cone and circle : Problem ID 19-Arithmetic Operations
  12. Compute the area of a given rectangle : Problem ID 47-Arithmetic Operations
  13. find the greatest of three given numbers x,y and z. : Problem ID 14-Conditional Statements
  14. Finding whether the given number is odd or even : Problem ID 20-Conditional Statements
  15. Determine whether the given input character is an alphabet or a number. : Problem ID 36-Conditional Statements
  16. Calculate electricity bill amount for the given units. : Problem ID 54-Conditional Statements
  17. Compute the grade letter for the given mark : Problem ID 55-Conditional Statements
  18. Compute the income tax amount for the given net salary for an individual : Problem ID 56-Conditional Statements
  19. Compute the factorial of a given number using looping statements. : Problem ID 2-Looping Statements
  20. Write a program to display the number 1 to 100 in console output screen. : Problem ID 6-Looping Statements
  21. Display the odd numbers in the range 1 to 100 : Problem ID 7-Looping Statements
  22. Display multiplication table of x-table where x is the input given by the user. : Problem ID 13-Looping Statements
  23. Accept 10 integer numbers from user and check whether any of them is equal to 23. : Problem ID 15-Looping Statements
  24. Compute the sum of given set of integer numbers : Problem ID 17-Looping Statements
  25. Compute the sum of digits of a given integer number. : Problem ID 18-Looping Statements
  26. Compute the sum of ASCII values of the given string : Problem ID 23-Looping Statements
  27. Compute the Harmonic Mean, Arithmetic Mean and Geometric Mean of given set of n integer numbers : Problem ID 33-Looping Statements
  28. Write a computer program to display integer numbers between two given integer numbers. : Problem ID 38-Looping Statements
  29. Enumerate the Hailstone sequence for the given number. : Problem ID 49-Number Magic
  30. List all the 3 digit armstrong numbers. : Problem ID 50-Number Magic
  31. Determine whether the given integer is taxicab number or not. : Problem ID 51-Number Magic
  32. Find all the kaprekar numbers between 1 and 1000. : Problem ID 52-Number Magic
  33. List the first 1000 prime numbers : Problem ID 53-Number Magic
  34. Write a program to print the following: 122333444455555 : Problem ID 43-Nested Loops
  35. Accept 10 numbers from keyboard and output them in ascending order : Problem ID 44-Nested Loops
  36. write programs to print the patters (refer doc) in the console screen. : Problem ID 48-Nested Loops
  37. List all divisors of given integer input : Problem ID 37-Conditional and Looping Statements
  38. Find the greatest of 10 numbers : Problem ID 41-Conditional and Looping Statements
  39. Find whether a given number is present in an array of numbers. : Problem ID 46-Conditional and Looping Statements
  40. Write 1000 random integer integer numbers in the range of 0 to 25000 in a file named data.txt : Problem ID 35-Files
  41. Find the greatest of 100 given numbers : Problem ID 42-Files
  42. Write "Hello BIT Sathy" in a file. : Problem ID 57-Files
  43. Write a command to generate an integer dataset of 10K numbers. The name of the dataset file is the only input parameter to the command. : Problem ID 60-Files
  44. Find the largest cell value of given matrix : Problem ID 25-Arrays
  45. Compute the sum of cell values of given matrix : Problem ID 26-Arrays
  46. Compute addition and subtraction of two matrices and output the resultant matrix. : Problem ID 27-Arrays
  47. Multiply two matrices and output the resultant matrix : Problem ID 28-Arrays
  48. Compute the determinant of 2x2 matrix : Problem ID 29-Arrays
  49. Compute the factorial of a given number using recursion : Problem ID 3-Recursion
  50. Compute nth Fibonacci Number using Recursion : Problem ID 31-Recursion
  51. Accept n inputs through command line arguments and print them all. : Problem ID 58-Command Line Arguments
  52. For the given set of integer numbers, remove the duplicates and output the distinct numbers. : Problem ID 24-Beginners Problems
  53. Sort the given of integer numbers and output them in ascending order. : Problem ID 34-Beginners Problems
  54. Accept a string from keyboard and print the reverse. : Problem ID 40-Beginners Problems
  55. Write a computer program to output combinations of a given set of elements. Refer doc for an example : Problem ID 45-Beginners Problems
  56. write a command (accepts the input dataset file name as input parameter) to compute number of times a given integer occur. : Problem ID 61-Beginners Problems
  57. Compute the total number of male, female and unique names in namelist dataset : Problem ID 63-Intermediate-Level Problems
  58. Ramu and Somu started walking at 10.00AM at the speed of 2 rounds per hour and 3 rounds per hour respectively on a circular track. Compute the number of times they cross each other before 11.30AM. : Problem ID 21-Mathematical Thinking
  59. Ramu beats somu by 22.5 meters in distance / 6 seconds by time in a 300m race. Compute the time taken by somu to complete the race. : Problem ID 22-Mathematical Thinking
  60. Compute the eigen vector of given stochastic matrix using power method. : Problem ID 30-Mathematical Thinking
  61. Ramu's office is 60km away from home. Ramu travels first 30 kms at the speed of 30kmph by his bike and the rest at the speed of 60kmph by his friend's car. Compute the average speed. : Problem ID 32-Mathematical Thinking
  62. Analyze the code and identify the functionality : Problem ID 59-Code Analysis
  63. In this schema, it would be better if one of the attributes is linked by primary key-foreign key relation. Find out the attribute and modify the schema. : Problem ID 62-Schema Analysis
  64. Convert the dataset to this specific format. : Problem ID 64-Dataset Format Conversion