FullStack Developer: Skills and Technologies

A full stack developer is a technology expert who can work on both front and back-end of any application. The skill sets required to become a full stack development engineer are 1) front end technology (typically html, css, javascript, javascript libraries 2) back end development language 3) back end database layer 4) version control systems (eg. git) 5) API creation and consumption 6) servers (linux servers, apache and niginx web servers 7) basic design ability 8) systems security at each layer 9) knowledge on algorithms design and data structures 10) software testing.

On the Average a full stack developer earns $110000 to $150000. In India, it ranges from 15Lakh to 25Lakh per annum.

Want to become a full stack developer? authenticate yourself by "signin with google", take up and complete FSDS tasks, book your assessment slot and earn reward points.

Important Note: Fundamental Coding Skills can only be improved by solving large number of smaller problems. If you are weak in fundamental coding, practice the problems listed here